Pythagora’s mug

The “fair mug” of Pythagoras

The ceramic handmade mug* was made with love and strong desire, by an experienced ceramics craftsman in his workshop in Samos.

It is made with authentic naturally baked clay, without any additional external painting or working, in order to achieve its touch authenticity.

The mug was designed by the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras. The mug has the following striking peculiarity, emptying the contents of liquid if the holder fill it above the inner score line . It is about a powerful symbolism against greed , according to the ancient Greek cosmic theory of "Hubris" and "Nemesis". So called "fair mug " .

It was elaborated specifically to make up a special and unique handmade present packaging.

Discover its peculiarity and its legend !!!

Hand made

* Each mug is unique because it is handmade. It is not possible to have exactly the same result again.

It is accompanied by a leaden seal certification for its handmade.