OiliO οrganic extra virgin olive oil

A fascinating proposal:

Enjoy this internationally recognized organic farming extra virgin olive oil, Protected Designation of Origin from Sitia Crete .

Discover through its historical narrative:

the identity of it,

the game of senses,

its contribution to health and longevity,

the unique handmade pottery Likithos and

its historical relationship with the olive oil,

the “cancerous” or retrogressive inscription,

life verities …

live the experience !!!

Main characteristics & certifications:

Acidity: 0,29-0,39/K270: 0,1-0,2/K232: 1,5-2,5/ΔK:-0,001-0,01 Peroxides: 9,8-20meqO2/kg

The production temperature is 28 ºC (cold pressing) .